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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Autumn tips to prepare your garden for winter

here are my ten tips for preparing your garden for winter:

1- Remove Greenhouse Shading

in winter the days become shorter, and light is increasingly valuable resource. Removing the shade paint in your greenhouse will maximise the sunlight available to your plants. This will also allow you to remove that green stuff of the glass/plastic 


2-Spring clean your greenhouse in autumn-

 Since you are already cleaning the outside of the greenhouse, it makes sense to tackle the inside as well to help reduce overwintering pests and diseases. Remove the plants before sweeping out any plant debris. Disinfect the greenhouse paths and staging, and the inside of the glass too.I recommend that you also remove any dead plants of leafs from the plants, just to keep them healthy.

 3-Tidy Borders and raised beds-

Dig up annuals and add them to the compost heap. Autumn provides an ideal opportunity to move poorly placed plants, and divide overcrowded perennials while the soil is still warm. also it is time to have a clean out in the beds and to give them a quick weeding .

4-Make leaf mould-

Leaf mould adds structure and organic matter to your soil.It is fantastic soft fluffy stuff that roots can move freely through it . Its good stuff for pots .

5-Plant evergreens

Evergreens form the backbone of the garden, providing structure and year round interest, so the more evergreens in your garden, the better it will look in winter! With warm soil and cooler conditions. you can also move trees in Autumn because the soil is warm they will recover quicker .
6-Net ponds-

 put a net on your pond to catch falling leaves, this will keep the water from going bad .
7-repair garden equipment-

 This is one I have not yet done , one of my shovels has a cracked shaft so I need to replace it , but now is the time of year to do these jobs  .

8- fix patches in the grass

Its time to fix the baled spots in the lawn and to give them a bit of love and care before winter . Some people like to air rate the ground with a fork and then put grass seed down before raking it over  .

9- fix any damaged or rotten work units or potting benches

Now this is one I must also do , Fix the potting benches in the greenhouse and put plastic sheeting over them to prevent water damage from the plants in the greenhouse , its a good thing to do ,as it can save you allot of cash in the long run .

10- Clean out old empty bird boxes

Now is the time I find that bird boxes are empty , the birds are moving on for winter ( if they have not gone from your box don't clean it until they have) clean it with hot water and a old brush , then let it dry . If repairs are needed do them , you can also use non toxic out door paint that is safe for bird boxes to give them protection for water damage. Then let it dry and put it back up .

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