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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Preparing the garden for winter

Preparing the garden for winter .

I have just sorted out some preparations for winter, the tomato plants have been dug up and put on the compost bin, the courgettes have out lived there stay in the beds and have been placed in the compost bin also . I tool two hours out to read a magazine (gardeners world) and listen to classical FM and have a cup of tea in the greenhouse .

It was nice and relaxing , all my wild meadow plants still growing strong even on a clod day , in autumn .

I love autumn,its one time of year when you can see the changes happening at top speed , the leaves going different colours and the the cold chill that travels down your spine as jack frost pops in to say hello , Autumn is by far a time off year to get your garden ready for winter and its one time of year that I believe is link no other , now winter is a cold horrid time off year , but it still has its wow moments , like the cold mornings as the sun just pops over the horizon and the frost shivers in the light .

Winter and autumn, the time for your gardens to sleep and the time for family to get together and be warm by the fire and enjoy every moment off life as one .

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