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Monday, 9 October 2017

(Video)-DIY seed germination chamber in greenhouse

DIY seed germination chamber in greenhouse.

Ok so what is this DIY seed germination chamber maid out off ? well it's maid from packaging, the polystyrene and the plastic air filled pods are used in transporting flat screen tv's  .

Now I got these when I got some new flat screen monitors for my computers and they really do work out better than the £15.00 germination chambers on line.

Best off all they are cheaper to build and don't require any tools , I have pea's germinating in them and they took three days to germinate (fastest germination I have ever had from winter pea's ).

Some cuttings that were also put under the DIY germination chamber.

It is a cheap and simple alternative to expensive (or crap) seed germination chambers , now you can buy electric germination chambers but I found this works best and its powered by the greenhouse's ability to trap heat .

After three days I began to see the shouts from the peas popping out of the seed growing compost.

Also if you would like to learn more a bought germination and propagation here is a good book (Click here)

the plastic air bags (as I call them) trap in the moisture and damp air but keep the seeds at the correct temperature and allow the correct amount of water to be needed for growth, also the polystyrene has tow jobs .

1- to help with drainage (water runs off it fast)
2- to trap heat to warm the roots .

Now if you would like to buy a seed germination kit then I recommend this one
It has every thing you need to get you started in your quest to germinate seeds.And it is not a crap one like some, its very good at germinating seeds and you can use it to help cuttings to setup roots .

P'S I will be creating more posts that will have video content as well as standard word posts .

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