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Sunday, 8 October 2017

We don't use Disqus

I have just remove a unknown advertisement platform from the blog , that has been altering data in the blogs script causing it to crash .This has no effect on your computers, and it can not access any data on your PC ,it just showed adverts. Now It has caused crashes and deletions of the blog , and I have had to fix this problem over and over again .

So how did it get on to the blog ?


I don't no , I did not see it in the script at all but since upgrading from windows to ubuntu I am seeing more of the scripts code than before (odd but it let me find this problem)

Now what I want from you ,all the reader , if you see and adverts from Disqus please put it in the comments. Under this post and say where it was, as I did not give them permission to be on this blog and I have not added them . they have shown adverts illegally on this blog, with out my consent and I don't like it one bit . This is 100% unacceptable that they believe that they can force there way in to a blog and add there crap  and also cause damages to the blog .

I have fixed the loop hole that let them in it was a error with the script for face book login ( now removed as I don't use face book) .

Now like I have said , you are safe , your data and privacy is safe, and so is your computer .I have checked the blog for viruses and other malicious code and it is 100% safe .
The only thing that it damaged was the blog, and that is what caused the technical problems .

PS we will never ask you to login or sign up for a account on this blog , we use bloglovin for that purpose

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